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Surfing is a very personal rush to each individual surfer. As surfer's it's a rush we all share the stoke off of, hooting and howling at each other's rides. Surfing is one of the oldest sport's in the world and the competition has alway's been surfer working with the wave. To get the most amazing ride that surfing can, ending in the ear to ear smile planted on that surfer's face. And a memory that will last a life time.

GLS Girl of Spring

Name: Nancy Woods
homebreak: Dundas, On
As our lakes thaw out and the waves are return to our favorite spots I am so excited to kick off the spring season with a truly aw Read more

Girl of Winter

Name: Carrie Graham  

DOB: February 6, 1988

Hometown and homebreak: Sudbury, ON.  Manitoulin Island


            Carrie is the type of person you meet and cannot forget.  Her enthusiasm and zest for life is simply contagious and is only matched by her stoke for surfing.  Selecti Read more

Wicked Sauble and Kincardine Surf


What a great end to a brutal drought of waves in July.

The last couple weeks in July have been amazing for surfers.
8 day's of surf for Lake Huron surfers has been wicked.

Read more

Epic Surf At Envy

Josh Madryga dropping at Envy

Epic spring surf at Envy 

This spring has been amazing for surf this season.
Most years the surf is pretty fickle in the spring.
Warm winds trying to push still cold water does not work very well fo Read more

Girl Of the Month-May

Ashley Pierce

DOB: April 25, 1984

Hometown: Rochester N.Y.

Homebreak: Jetty by seabreeze


            Spring is in the air, and I can’t think of anyone that represents the fresh energy of May as Girl of the Month better Read more

Girl of the Month-April

Yana Huntley

December 19, 1990

Hometown and homebreak: Toronto

Yana Huntley started surfing when she turned 20 on a trip to B.C.  Braving the cold waters of Tofino, she couldn’t help catch the surf bug.  “I wore a 4/3 wetsuit so it was a bit cold but it couldn’t have been better”.  Although fairly new to surfing, Yana has taken the Read more

The Great Lakes Trifecta

Video by

The Great Lakes Trifecta 

In few places in the world can you skate board, surf and snowboard all in the same day.
I feel very fortunate to live in a place in the world that you can do a board sports trifect Read more

Pioneering Women's lake surfing and choosing the future dynamics of competitions

Women’s surfing is still a novelty in the Great Lakes.  Though many women are expressing interest and the sport is rapidly gaining popularity across the province, obstacles do manifest along the way, challenging the development of the sport we all love.  I write to you today about one of these challenges and how it has instilled a belief in me that I hold so close to my heart.Read more

Surfer/Artist Lisa Lorraine Smith

Surfer/Artis Lisa Smith
Surfer/Artist Lisa Smith surfer and ocean style artist.

Seaweedsa aka(Lisa Lorraine Smith)

Born and raised in Toronto,ON May 16th 1976 in the east end known as The beaches,I spent a lot of time down at the water especially in the summer time.Growing up I  spent a lot of Read more

Girl of the Month

Girl of the Month Tiana

Tiana Oetting

Age: 25

Hometown: Sarnia, Ontario

Homebreak: Grand Bend


Tiana first started surfing four years ago while vacationing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.  “It was the Read more

Surfer Of The Month Josh Madryga

Josh Madryga

Surfer of the month Josh Madryga Name: Josh Madryga DOB: November 12, 1987 James:what's your hometown and home break? Josh: Wasaga Beach, home break Wasaga Beach James:How many years have you been surfing? How many years ha Read more

GLS Girl of the Month

February kicks off another month of Lake surfing. With schizophrenic weather patterns and numerous freeze-thaw cycles, surfing hasn’t exactly been consistent. Sure, there are a few eccentric nut jobs who need their daily brush with death and enjoy surfing amongst icebergs, but most of us are starting to feel a bit landlocked. In anticipation for the surf days to grow and in hopes of curin Read more

Journey to Surfing

 Growing up in a small mining town located 4 hrs north of Toronto people are usually astonished when they find out that I am a surfer.  I was raised in a city, but spent my summers at my family’s cottage in West Nipissing.  It’s a wonder I never grew gills, as I spent more time in the water than on dry land.  My entire days would consist of hand feeding wild, sma Read more

Great Lake Surfer Angela Gunn

Surging Sauble Beach
Great Lake Surfer Angela Gunn

Great Lake Surfer Angela Gunn
This girl is wicked, not afraid to kill on land or in water.
No matter what the temperature lol.
Angela has been a part of the Sauble local family for a long time.
S Read more

Surfing Envy Huron

Video by

Wicked fun day surfing Envy Huron, had it all to my self this day.
Was a bit of an advenuture getting there, this time of year it's a good hike.
And on my hike through the wood's I ran into what no one w Read more


Video by

Hello friends, if you haven't seen it yet GLS2.0 features surfing, bodyboarding, bodysurfing and a few skimboard and riverboarding clips by your friendly "Great Lakes Surfers". We hope you enjoy watching it as muc Read more

Surf photos from my last surf on Huron.

Feels great to slide your hand in the water as you're ripping by. Great Lake Surfers James Carrick

Great Lake Surfers are truly dedicated surfers.
We surf in almost any weather conditions to surf any ridable waves.
Hat's off to those still battling the cold conditions hope you all are getting some great s Read more

Clean super fun surf in Kincardine

James Carrick jumping of the Kincardine pier

Kincardine is probably one of the most widely know surf spots on Lake Huron.
The Kincardine pier or what surfers call the express, is a super fun wave for any level of surfer depending on conditions.
It can get Read more

Gnarly Lake Huron

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It is not well known that waves on the Great Lakes can easily be compared to waves on the Ocean.
There are lot's of Beach and reef break's that can be just as dangerous as ocean waves, on the Great Lakes.
Read more

Once in a Blue Moon

               Read more

Spring Surfing In Sauble

Video by

Fun chilly spring day at Sauble gave us some nice shoulder high waves.
25km wind's out of the West/south west.
Doesn't take much for Sauble to get a small wave, we love it.

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Surf Lessons In Sauble Beach

Video by

It is so exiting seeing the next generation of surfers coming out of the wood work this year.
Great Lake Surfers believe's they are our future in the sport of surfing.
And we are exited and honoured to be a Read more

Great Lake Surfers

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A love for the sport and a love for where the waves break.

Surfers are dedicated to keeping our beaches, oceans and lakes clean.
What ever you bring to the beach, you should take back from t Read more

Surfing up the coast

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Surfer's are die hard no matter how cold the temperature or weather it's raining, snowing or being pelted with frozen rain.

If it's goin off surfer's are on it.

Chilly winter surf but some epic c Read more

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