Skim boarding

Skimming across super shallow water

Skim boarding is a super fun water board sport. You run with the board in your hand's over shallow water. Toss the board so it plain's across the water and hop on for a quick ride.


Killer Skimmer Matt Walter's

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My name is Matt Walter and I've been skimming for about 2 years now and my local spots are Marie Curtis Park (west beach) and Jack Darling Park in Mississauga, on Lake Ontario. 
Both spots are aweso Read more

Skim Boarding

Barry Thompson doing a rail grab flying by on his skim board

Skim Boarding is a super fun water sport enjoyed all over the beach's of the great lakes.

Surfer's have to keep them selves ocupied while waiting for waves.

Skim Boarding is a fantastic way have fun whil Read more

Success is the result of right choices. Choose your waves

James Carrick

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