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Girl of the Month March

Robin Pacquing

Age: 33

Hometown: Longbranch (Toronto) Ontario

Homebreak: Jack Darling

            Robin’s first taste of surfing occurred while vacationing with her family in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii.  Prior to her first attempt, she had watched surfing on tv and thought it looked so easy and effortless.  As she paddled out with her two brothers and their 10’ soft top boards, she quickly got a reality check.  “I didn’t understand how far you actually have to paddle out, and how hard paddling truly is!”  Robin states that “surfing realistically consists of 10 percent riding waves and 90 percent paddling, timing the wave, falling, board knowledge and wave selection”.  Fortunately, she has come to love each of these aspects of the sport.  Since Hawaii, Robin has been surfing the great lakes and working at Surf Ontario, one of the local surf shops.  Actively surfing the spring, summer and fall seasons, Robin plans on getting a proper winter wetsuit to battle the cold and surf year-round. 

            Standing just short of 5’, Robin speaks about the physical challenges she has to face.  “Being a smaller girl, paddling out with short arms is hard.  I definitely have a disadvantage over guys or taller girls.  I’m like a sail sometimes and get carried away!  Lots of push ups do help.” But that does not stop her from working hard to stay fit.  Already an avid skateboarder, Robin also takes up yoga and kickboxing to help with her balance, range of motion, and quick thinking.  She does a lot of Stand-Up Paddle boarding when to keep her core fit. Having surfed salt and fresh waters, Robin describes the difference as a “love hate relationship”.  Besides a constant bombardment of waves without intervals, unpredictability and cold temperatures, surfing the lakes represents many aspects of a good life that Robin will not give up.  “Surfing to me is freedom, individuality, rebellion, community and friendships all at the same time.  It’s you, a board and water and it really feeds the soul.  I get so focused that I don’t think about anything else” On the upside, surfing the lakes has less crowds and allows Robin to participate in something that people say is impossible. 

           Preferring a retro fish, Robin loves to surf California breaks on vacation.  As for the lakes, some of her favorite spots include Lake Erie and Kincardine.  She aspires to one day to surf Cloud Nine in Siargao, Philippines.  “It’s where I am from and being a first generation Canadian, I would love to surf where my roots are.  It’s a land of Lefts”. 

          Though Robin has not competed, she hopes to begin this season.  In her spare time, she loves to rollerblade, kickbox, skateboard, SUP, cook, go camping and just hang with friends.  “I love the outdoors and I’m definitely a tomboy who can also rock a pair of 5 inch heels”.  Through her experience, she shares a few words of wisdom for anyone thinking of joining the sport: “If you are truly happy with your life, don’t surf.  But if you want to do something different, challenging and want something amazing, throw yourself into surfing and never look back”. 

         Always friendly and welcoming to anyone wanting to try the sport, Robin is an amazing woman representing lake surfing and we are proud to have her as Great Lakes Surfers Girl of the Month!  Congratulations Robin!!!!

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