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Picking Waves


     Picking a wave, it can be the most frustrating at times but has the perks of being the most rewarding thing when you pick that perfect wave.

     Now, it is time to paddle out and find your safe zone where you can sit and wait for waves, this is where you start your sitting, wishing, waiting. 

     Your safe zone is usually between sandbars in the case of surfing Sauble Beach. If it is a bigger day I find sitting almost exactly in between sandbars the best. By the time the white wash from the waves at the next sandbar get to where you are sitting the wave isn’t strong enough to push you anywhere. Though, when you see that happen it is easy to gauge when you should start paddling for the wave you want to go on, since I tend to paddle a little slow I use the whitecaps of a wave on the next sandbar as my cue to lay down on my board and start to paddle, I paddle, looking back and watching for the set and by the time the wave is done breaking out on that sandbar it is ready and rolling into a new wave where I am. That being said, it isn’t easy picking a wave to go for, it’ll take practice and patience so the biggest thing is to remember not to get frustrated with it and give up. I’ve been surfing for 5 + years and still find it hard to pick the right waves at times, it all depends on the conditions, that is the beauty of surfing. We are at the waters beck and call, we do what it wants us to do, we go by its rules, if it is a messy sloppy day it is going to probably try to kick our ass, if it is a fun small day it may still try but we have to keep ourselves together in catching those waves. So, do not let yourself get frustrated.

     So, hopefully that helps out with picking waves, now go and get on them, surfers! 

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