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Emmy's Tips and Tricks

Before a surfer jumps on their board and paddles out they need to stop and check out what is going on. When you’re at the beach, watch the waves while you get ready, or at least before or after for a few minutes. Study them, as a new surfer it is hard to know what you’re looking for but it is important to have a good understanding about what is going on out there. See how often sets seem to roll in, how long the waves are peeling, how big they are, if there happens to be any gaps between sets or if it is a big messy day out there, are the waves off shore? Onshore? Will you be drifting down the beach with the current? Let it all soak in, process it. Most look out at the waves before going in as you want yourself to have few surprises out there so it is good to take a few minutes to soak in what is going on out there. 

Now, when it is time to paddle out you can take what you learned from observing the conditions and let that help you. If it is a bigger day but you did see that between sets there was the odd window of opportunity to paddle through without getting hit by multiple waves then watch for those little lulls as you paddle out, wait where you can stay on your board between sandbars without having waves break on you and then the second there seems to be a calm before a set rolls through paddle, and paddle hard. As soon as you get past the sandbar you can rest, but if you try to paddle through the larger waves without at least duck diving or doing a turtle roll you will get no where. Remind yourself that there is usually always a “Safe zone” between sandbars where you can always take it easy for a minute.  
As a girl I use the motivation of keeping up with the boys to get me past the waves, so ladies, you just have to find what drives you to get out there and get surfing. 
That being said, I don’t expect beginners to jump right into being able to get the hang of knowing where to paddle around waves or through them, its easier said than done but that’s why beginners can’t get fed up with trying to fight through the waves, you’re at the mercy of the waves, you have to learn how to work with them and around them when it comes to getting out past them.
Of course there are more little tips on how to get out into waves as every surfers way about it is probably different to some degree but I find that works best for getting myself out to second or third sandbar. 
Now, get out there and have fun, surfers! 


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