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Tip's and warning's of surfing Sauble Beach

Sauble Beach is a beautiful 7 km stretch of beach on Lake Huron. It get's a world class sun set and a super fun beach break, and has been Great Lake Surfer's stomping ground's for generations and has a super friendly local's scene. The beach can get a wave with very little wind, usually 20km+ wind's coming out of the W-N/W will give a surf-able wave. On the other hand wind's 40km+ out of the W-N/W will tend to make the waves blown out. Sauble Beach has 3 main surf spot's, Main Beach, The Look Out, and Groves Point.

Main Beach:

Is a stretch of sand bar's that start at the main street Sauble Beach sign north to the end of the last big parking lot that's right on the beach. The sand bar's stretch from the beach all the way out to 6th sand bar, the bigger the waves the further sand bar's out will break. When the wind and waves start to clean up, the sand bar's can link up to give some long rides. Sauble tends to be a mushier beach break where  a thicker less rocker short board or a long board is the usual surfer's choice. If the waves happen to be breaking consistent 3rd sand or further out, can make for a pretty hard paddle.

The Look Out:

Is north of main beach about the mid point between main beach and the far north end of Sauble "Groves Point". It is easily found by it's big white washroom's/change room's and large Canadian flag. This spot can be a little easier to get out on the bigger day's, it usually has a defined rip current going out to sea on either side of its main break. Offer's great rides sometime's little more of a sucky wave than Main Beach, can be ridden with any style of board depending on the size of the wave.

Groves Point

Sometimes referred to as North Shore by the local surfer's is on the far north end of Sauble beach starting at the river mouth going south just past the Groves Point parking lot. This spot is usually only good on a strong SW wind 25km+ but get's a decent wave off a 40km+ W-NW when the rest of Sauble is blown out. It's a mushy beach break with a few good peak's that don't break as far out as Main Beach or The Look Out so it's a little easier to get out. Easiest way to get out is to fallow the river out or look for defined rip's that will take you out to sea. Groves is definitely a local favourite.

Tip's/Warning's for Sauble:

Sauble Beach even on smaller day's can create a vicious cross rip. When the wind is pumping W/NW you will drift south down the beach on an SW you will drift north down the beach. Recommendation is to walk down the beach a good pace the opposite way the rip is running to limit how far down the beach you drift. Sauble Beach can also have a dangerous undertow that claim's lives almost every year. Be careful surf with a friend or friend's and alway's surf with a leash. The local surfer's are super friendly so don't be shy come say hello. And as alway's what you take to the beach take home with you.
Thank's you for reading my write up on surfing Sauble Beach.
Hope see you in the water :)

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