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  • Girl of the Month-April

    Yana Huntley December 19, 1990 Hometown and homebreak: Toronto Yana Huntley started surfing when she turned 20 on a trip to B.C.  Braving the cold waters of Tofino, she couldn’t help cat

  • Tarp surfing
    Great Lake Surfer Angela Gunn

    Great Lake Surfer Angela Gunn This girl is wicked, not afraid to kill on land or in water. No matter what the temperature lol. Angela has been a part of the Sauble local family for a long time.

  • Surfer Of the Month Darryl Spreen

    Thank's so much Darryl for doing this interview.   Great Lake Surfers: Great Lake Surfers surfer of the mont Darryl Spreen. Great Lake Surfers: so Darryl when were you born? Darryl: Oct

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