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  • Girl of Summer

    Ariel Amaral April 9, 1983 Hometown: Oakville, ON Homebreak: Lawrencetown Beach, NS (home is where my heart is for this break)             &

  • Surfer Lisa Smith ripping it up
    Surfer/Artist Lisa Lorraine Smith

    Seaweedsa aka(Lisa Lorraine Smith) Born and raised in Toronto,ON May 16th 1976 in the east end known as The beaches,I spent a lot of time down at the water especially in the summer time.Growing up I&

  • Clean super fun surf in Kincardine

    Kincardine is probably one of the most widely know surf spots on Lake Huron. The Kincardine pier or what surfers call the express, is a super fun wave for any level of surfer depending on conditions

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