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Surfer Of the Month Darryl Spreen

Thank's so much Darryl for doing this interview.


Great Lake Surfers: Great Lake Surfers surfer of the mont Darryl Spreen.

Great Lake Surfers: so Darryl when were you born?

Darryl: October 8th, 1981

Great Lake Surfers: where are you from Darryl and where is your local surf break

Darryl: Toronto and Dead Dog or A-Bay

Great Lake Surfers: How long have you been surfing for Darryl

Darryl: 5 Years

Great Lake Surfers: Do you have a favourite board brand or board you like to ride?

Darryl: Twin-fin Fish

I'm really liking some of the wooden shapes Hess Surfboards out of San Francisco are doing... one day I'd like to own one. But I'm thankful for all of the big brands      that are supporting surfing and sponsoring all the the world tour events. I love watching the live feeds of the ASP events, and those wouldn't be possible without the support of some of the big companies.

Great Lake Surfers: What does surfing represent for you?

Darryl: Surfing is a lot of things for me... not just a fun thing to do. It whips you into shape, and takes you a lot of really interesting places. There's also a nice community around it... you meet a lot of different and really cool people.

Great Lake Surfers: What do you find most difficult about surfing the Great Lakes?

Darryl:Probably the downtime between surf days... the three to four week flat spells can be painful! Besides that, the shorter wave periods we get on the lakes can be a bit hairy on the bigger days.

Great Lake Surfers: So what do you love most about surfing Darryl

Darryl: Just that it's even possible! Had I known this at an early age, I'm sure I would have gotten into it much earlier. Also, it forces you to explore parts of the city and province you wouldn't normally visit. The Great Lakes cover a huge area, with tons to see.

What season or seasons do  you surf Darryl?

Darryl: I surf all seasons, but Fall / Early Winter is definitely my favourite time of year.

Great Lake Surfers: What type of music do you like to listen to, to get jacked to go surfing?

Darry: The only CD in my car right now is NWA - Straight Outta Compton, so I tend to hear that a lot before getting in the water. I listen to all kinds of stuff though.

Great Lake Surfers: Can you describe to us the best ride you have had on the Lakes or the Ocean and can you describe to us your biggest accomplishments in surfing the Great Lakes?

Darryl:I've had so many memorable rides, it's tough to pick one. But I love the big days, and the close calls when you end up scaring the shit out yourself - but coming out ok. Biggest accomplishment might be winning Biggest Wave at last year's Freshest Wave event. Granted, the waves weren't humongous... but cool to know I snagged the biggest bomb of the day! Kudos to Surf Ontario for putting on that event... can't wait for the next one.

Great Lake Surfers: Do you have a favourite place you've surfed either on the Great Lakes Or the ocean?

Darryl: There's a couple spots up on Georgian Bay that I'd have to say are my favourite on the lakes (probably best if I don't name those here though). Or Mini-Mavs in 

Great Lake Surfers: Can you tell us a little bit about the first time you tried to surf?

Darryl: The first time I surfed was down in Costa Rica. I got lucky catching a decent little wave on my first time out, and I was immediately hooked. Never mind that it probably took another 3-4 days before I caught a second wave, I was still having a blast. Surfing is unique in that even if you're terrible at it, you can still have a lot of fun out in the water. Then as you improve, it just keeps getting better and better.

Great Lake Surfers: What are some of the ways you stay healthy or fit for surfing e.g. foods, exercise or life style?

Darryl: I ride my bike a lot, and skate mini-ramp whenever I can. I tend to hit the gym a lot more in the winter time, and try to do more outdoor activities in the summer. I've also gone gluten-free with my diet (which totally sucks if you're a big fan of pizza and beer), but I've definitely noticed an improvement in the amount of energy I have. In the winter I try to eat loads of root vegetables before a surf. They raise your core temp as you digest them (Google it... it's science!), so it makes the cold days a tiny bit more bearable.

Great Lake Surfers: If you could surf anywhere in the world where would you go?

Darryl: So many places. Iceland and Norway look pretty crazy in the mags lately. But Bali would be up there for me... or Morocco, or Nicaragua, or Japan even. 

Great Lake Surfers: Who is your pro surfer idol and why?

Darryl: Tough to pick just one... Kelly Slater has undoubtably accomplished the most of anybody, and really set the bar for competitive surfing. John John is just getting more insanely better every day too. But guys like Donovan Frankenreiter are doing great things outside of the water. Laird Hamilton is a real madman too, and an innovator to not just surfing. And hats off to Jack Freestone for scoring with Alana Blanchard haha... she's a babe.

Great Lake Surfers: Have you ever suffered from a surf injury? 

Darryl: Nothing too major... no broken bones or anything. Just the usual scrapes and bruises that come along with bumping into rocks once in a while. Getting stuck by sea urchins out in the ocean ain't much fun either.

Great Lake Surfers: Do you participate in local surf competitions?

Darryl: Yep, whenever I'm around.

Great Lake Surfers: Other than surfing what are some of your favourite things to do?

Darryl: I dabble in some of the other boardsports... skateboarding, snowboarding, skim boarding, even bodyboarding once in a while. I read a ton of books, and travel whenever I can. Even if that travel happens to include some surf, some of the most memorable times are what happens during the rest of the trip.

Great Lake Surfers: Is there anything you would like to say to people who are thinking of learning to surf?

Darryl: Respect the water, know your limits, and don't do anything stupid. Beyond that, just have fun out there.

Great Lake Surfers: In a few words please describe your personality in the water e.g. out going, shy in the water, sense of humour?

Darryl: I'm pretty chilled out most of the time, and I like to think I'm a pretty funny dude. In the water I like yelling at my bros when they score a nice ride.

Great Lake Surfers: Are there any life goals you would like to achieve?

Darryl: Work less, surf more. Live by an ocean, ha!

Great Lake Surfers: wouldn't we all like that buddy lol

Thank's again for doing this interview Darryl, great to hear your story.


Darryl Spreen is by far one of my favourite people to surf with alway's a talks and howls in the water.

Out of the water one of my favourite people to crush beers with alway's great times and great laughs lol.

He has a great surfing and personal spirit.

If you see Darryl in the water definitely give him an aloha and a howl and he will for sure do the same.


Thanks again Darryl catch up for some waves and crush some beers soon Bro



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