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Sun Set SUP'S In Sauble Beach

Sun set stand up paddle board sessions in Sauble Beach.
Lake Huron has some of the best sun sets that are renown around the world and Great Lakes Surfers stomping grounds of Sauble Beach is one of the best places to catch it.
Its hard to describe the feeling of serenity catching a sun set over water, it is a peacefulness you feel through out your mind body and soul.
Without a doubt one of the best ways to catch a sun set is on the water on a stand up paddle board.


The view you get watching a sun set on Lake Huron looks just like the view you would get if you were on the ocean.
It is amazing watching the sun disappear behind the water is breath taking.


Stand up paddle boarding is a sport anyone can enjoy.
With the proper board that has the needed stability and a little instruction stand up paddle boarding can be almost as easy as standing on solid ground.
Stand up paddle boarding is as much relaxing as it is a great work out you barely realize your getting.

Come enjoy stand up paddle boarding with Great Lake Surfers and The Cabana Beach House this summer.
If you have your own gear it is free of charge if you would like to book a rental or lesson you can either book through Great Lake Surfers email: or book through The Cabana Beach House via e:mail or call: 519-422-0962



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