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Epic Surf At Envy

Epic spring surf at Envy 

This spring has been amazing for surf this season.
Most years the surf is pretty fickle in the spring.
Warm winds trying to push still cold water does not work very well for surfers on the Great Lakes.
This spring the cold winds are still pumping giving Great Lake surfers some amazing spring waves.

This chilly day in May 2013 Lake Huron was pumping.
Surfers Josh Madryga, Mitchell, Alex and my self caught up to catch some epic rides at Envy on Lake Huron.
Envy was breaking 5-6 foot waves peeling clean long rides from the point through the boulder field.
We were all so stoked, coming out of the woods to see Envy breaking perfect glassy waves.

Josh was incredibly stoked and was rushing us to get out in the surf.
It was Michel and Alex's first time at Envy, so Josh and I spent a bit of time pointing out the dangers of surfing Envy and how the currents worked there.
Alex knowing his ability to surf and his limits decided to be safe and surf Envy's super fun and much safer beach break.
While Josh, Mitchell and I proceeded to hop off the rocks of Envy's point Break.
Mitchell being his fist time stayed off the shoulder while getting comfortable with the waves.
Josh the mad man he is started catching waves right away, tearing it up from the peak all the way through past the boulder field.
Every day and every wave being different I took my time to map out where the peak was and how the conditions were this day.
Josh coming back crazy stoked on his first wave of the day made Mitchell and I super eager to catch a ride like we both had just seen Josh catch.
Mitchell's first wave gave him a sic ride around the point, he hoped off before getting to the boulder field but was so stoked.
I caught my first ride right after Michel, tearing up and down the face of the wave, I rode from peak, flying past Michel, past the boulder field putting a smile from ear to ear on my face.

Click Image to watch the video

Click  the image to watch the video


It Was On!!!! Josh, Mitchell and I feeding off each others stoke trading off waves howling at each other as we caught wave after wave.
As I was walking back around the point watching Josh tearing up the waves, I see Josh pull into a cover up barrel and completely disappear in the white water.
Josh was gone for a solid few sections when I see him reappear out of the shoulder of the wave his hands raised high you could see how crazy stoked he was.
I was so amazed seeing him disappear and reappear I immediately started howling as loud as I could, it was so awesome to see, and I was so stoked for him.
Mitchell for his first time surfing Envy killed it, catching a ton of great waves, he was crazy stoked.
It was the best day I had had this season, ripping up and down the face of the waves pulling floater after floater, cut back after cut back.
We could not have asked for a better day of surf and you could see our stoke on all of our faces.

We surfed for almost 4 hours trading off waves and howling at each others rides before it was getting time to go home.
Hanging out where we were parked talking about the amazing rides each other had gotten.
We were all in awe of the day we had all just gotten, all three of us with an ear to ear smile noting could take away.
Day's like this give a feeling that is hard to put in words, but all surfers understand.
It was truly an amazing day.

Thank's for reading.
James Carrick of Great Lake Surfers





Josh Madryga dropping at Envy James Carrick getting props from Josh Madryga as he's tearing down the face

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